Hair rule leaves students outraged

Megan Hopkins Senior, From the Heart Christian, School, Suitland, MD Spring 2016 A strict school rule forced Stephen Thompson to get a haircut he didn’t want. Thompson, 16, a junior […]

In Photos: A Neighborhood Upended

Arman Azad Senior, Flint Hill School, Oakton, Virginia Spring 2016 “NoMa,” among D.C.’s newest established neighborhoods, was not supposed to exist. A syllabic abbreviation for “North of Massachusetts,” the 35-block […]

Column: Have We All Gone Crazy?

By Maggie Gallagher UJW Staff Writer Has our world gone crazy? Is everyone just a violent person waiting to pop? Ever since James Holmes brought an AR15, Glock 40 Caliber, […]

Local schools explore digitizing methods

By Gabby Brooks UJW Staff Writer ROCKVILLE, Md.– In Mooresville, N.C., students file into their classrooms, but instead of pulling out their notebooks and pencils, they have school-issued laptops. The […]

Transgender Student Rights In Focus

By Austin Chavez UJW Staff Writer For many adolescents in the transgender community, bullying has become a major concern. A 2012 national study conducted by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education […]

Cherry blossoms on parade

By Sarah Metzel UJW Staff Writer WASHINGTON — The vivid pink blossoms that have appeared on trees in Washington mark the start of a new season. People from all over […]

Smartphones become a Parade must-have

By Anthony Joseph UJW Staff Writer Sheridan Radcliffe had worried that a foot surgery would prevent her from attending this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. But armed with only […]