WABJ January 2021 Recruiter Roundtable

Featuring Krissah Thompson, The Washington Post’s Managing Editor of Diversity and Inclusion. She spoke about her career trajectory, shared career advice to members, and discussed current and future job opportunities at the publication.

This Q&A session was moderated by Eva McKend, a then-congressional correspondent for Spectrum News.

WABJ February 2021 Recruiter Roundtable

Featuring CBS News’ Deputy D.C. Bureau Chief Lorna Jones who spoke about her career trajectory, shared career advice and discussed issues concerning newsroom diversity.

Navigating Your Internship/First Job Amid COVID-19

This workshop shared practices with students and early-career journalists on how to thrive in newsrooms despite pandemic challenges. It was produced by the WABJ Student Engagement & Early Career Development Committee.

WABJ Google News Lab Training

This webinar covered must-have Google tools journalists could use for reporting and storytelling.

Watchdog Reporting Workshop - Part 1

FOIA 101: Writing Public Records & Navigating Denials

This session covered the ins and outs of filing public information requests to state and federal agencies and how to respond to decisions.

Mental Wellness For Media Professionals: How To Handle Trauma & Burnout

This session shared tips and resources to help media professionals handle trauma and burnout in the workplace and at home.

Developing & Honing Confidence In Media

Imposter syndrome, finding your voice, delivering news with confidence and staying true to who you are in the newsroom. All journalists struggle with these issues at some point in their careers. Our esteemed panelists shared their secrets to bringing their A game and swag to work.

Building Diversity & Equity In Newsrooms

Newsrooms that promote diversity, equity and inclusion make everyone feel valued. Equitable news outlets outpace their competitors by respecting the unique needs, perspectives and potential of all team members. As a result, diverse and inclusive newsrooms earn deeper trust and more commitment from journalists. Our speakers shared best practices for newsroom leaders to make DEI initiatives part of the fabric of newsrooms.