Largo High School Sponsors Spring Fashion Show

By Cicely Wiggins
LARGO, Md. — Models strutted down the runway at Largo High School’s spring fashion show in colorful outfits in gold, pink, red, orange and shades of blue.

About 100 students attended the show in March.

The show was broken into nine scenes, each with a different theme. They included: Glitz ‘n’ Glamour, Diva Dolls, Student Success, Sophisticated Silhouette, Vintage Vixens, Extravagant Educators and the finale.

Historic Statehouse Is Getting a Facelift

By Jeff Shim
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — You can call the Maryland State House a work in progress, even though it’s been around for more than 200 years.

In fact, it’s where General George Washington resigned his commission as head of the Army in 1783.

Bad Economy Puts College Choices On Hold

By Cara Bernard
FREDERICK, Md. – Twins Joy and Josh Chand may look very much alike, but their college plans are as different as the rising and falling stock markets on Wall Street any given day.

The 18-year-olds attend Governor Thomas Johnson High School here, and are planning to go to college, despite the tough economic challenges that face their family and the state of Maryland.

Teacher Shortage Creates Dangerous Cycle

By Lenaya Stewart
SPRINGDALE, Md. — Maya Anderson sits staring at her math test. Her foot taps impatiently and she angrily wipes at the sweat on her forehead. This test is 30 percent of her grade, and she doesn’t know the material. The clock ticks loudly in her ears as she closes her eyes and tries to remember the last few lessons her teacher taught but the loud voices coming from the other 37 people in her class makes it impossible for her to concentrate.

Sighing, she turns her test over and gives up. This won’t be the last time.

After Obama, Is Racism Really Dead?

By Najee Ellerbe

WASHINGTON — The election of President Barack Obama is fueling a discussion among young African-American men about whether racism is dead in the United States.

No question, Obama’s election has been a source of pride and inspiration for people of color across the country and around the world. Many people have said it is a happening they never thought they’d see in their lifetime.

Music, Fighting Headline Go-Go Parties

By Kendra Johnson
UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – After being frisked by security, area teens enter the Showplace Arena where the annual Spring Peace Bounce is happening. They listen to their favorite Go-Go bands, dance the night away and simply have fun.

Go-Go is funk-style music that started in Washington, D.C.

Local Government A Friend of Facebook

By Mariya Ilyas
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Sixteen-yea r-old Ariel Smallwood of Bowie, Md., recently uploaded her pictures from a past weekend, talked to a friend in California, messaged another friend in Ohio, made reservations to attend Charles H. Flowers High School’s “Class of ’09 Party of the Century,” joined the Duke Class of 2013 Group, and told the world she was having a great day. All without leaving her seat.

With the rise of free social networking websites, particularly, more and more users have been able to “connect and share with the people in your life,” as the site encourages.

Special Olympics Draws Teen Out of His Shell

By Taylor Valencia

STAFFORD, Va. — He doesn’t make eye contact with anyone sitting inches away from him. Slightly slumped and head leaned to the right, Alexander Juhna An stares at his lap, hands on his thighs.

You wouldn’t guess from his appearance but Alex is an athlete.

Books About Books Trendy With Time-Strapped Teens

By Jennifer Kuo

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Early one morning in the advanced-placement English Literature class at Thomas S. Wootton High School, Jay Mottla, a senior, sits at his desk, opens his book and begins reading Crime and Punishment.

But instead of the 560 pages that students around him are reading, Mottla reads the abbreviated version of 99 pages published by SparkNotes.

Reality TV Virtually a Habit

By Juliana Sesay
SILVER SPRING, Md. – Everywhere you turn, there is a new reality series popping up on television.

If the trials of aspiring chefs tickle your fancy, all you have to do is flip to FOX 5’s Hell’s Kitchen. On ABC, you can watch British women transform stubborn and unruly children into obedient little kids on Supernanny. Or perhaps, the saga of a group of young adults living together is your ideal TV show.