UJW is Back in Session!

Students began the 2023 session of the UJW in person at American University on Saturday, March 4 2023.

Fans around the world mourn the death of Prince

Miyah Powe Senior, Bullis High School, Potomac, MD Spring 2016 This Spring was raining purple as cities across the United States and around the world mourned the death of music legend […]

Opinion: Students Need More Sex Education

By Chloe Thompson Payton Beach, a junior at Kent Island High School, took sex education her sophomore year, but said there was one thing missing — a discussion about sex. […]

Amid Parade, Japanese Culture Abounds

By Gabrielle Headly UJW Staff Writer WASHINGTON — The National Cherry Blossom Festival was filled with people from all walks of life who came together to partake in the Japanese […]