Fewer pandemic restrictions coupled with season change brings wanderlust

Bismarck Macauley and Dailyn Wray
Spring 2022

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The travel industry was hit hard early in the coronavirus pandemic with demand plummeting domestically according to The Bureau of Transportation and for international travel.  People have returned to planning trips.  Experts from travel agents to health officials provide guidance to continue safe practices.UJW Straight Up: Urban Voice Junior Bismark Macauley the third is homeschooled in Accokeek, Maryland and sophomore Dailyn Wray attends Chesapeake Math and IT Academy North High School in Laurel, Maryland. They teamed up to examine the pandemic’s impact on US travelers and how people are again making plans for vacations…

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III: Cindy de Dios from Bowie, Maryland says her family of four is planning a couple of domestic trips this summer.  She says even though a lot of travel regulations are being relaxed, getting on a plane still makes her a little nervous. 

deDIOS: I know that other people are tired of wearing their masks but I just feel like without the testing and without wearing masks umm even if the airplane has like the best air filters or whatever it still doesn’t stop people that are sick to be on the plane and still spread germs or covid so that stress me out. 

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III: deDios says her family is eager to move about and enjoy vacations as they did before the pandemic, but she’s not too sure about leaving the country.

deDios: We keep going back and forth if we want to go to europe but we’re still very nervous about that so that’s why we’ve just decided for our family personally to hold off, umm just until i know we see how things go y know if it’s still seem like it’s okay then we might entertain it next year 

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III: Travel agent Toni Hilllman owns Lake Arbor Travel agency in Maryland.  She specializes in international group travel.  Her trips came to a halt during the global coronavirus lockdowns. 

HILLMAN:  In 2020, I had to cancel three trips. So after the back vaccines were available. I started planning 2024 in 2021, for 2020 to travel.

BISMARCK MACAULEY: Hillman says even though restrictions eased, she and travelers will continue to take precautions so they will not contract or spread the coronavirus.

HILLMAN: People have been real troopers about everything that we have to do in order to travel. Regardless of what the requirements are in the country; we will wear our masks. I’ve discussed this with the travelers and everybody is in sync that there is no time to take off your mask.

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III:While a court order in April forced the CDC to end its masking requirement on public transportation including flights, White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Dr Asish Jah told CBS news, the CDC still recommends masking when traveling.  

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III: deDIOS says even though many people are vaccinated and fewer people are dying from COVID, she’s still a little apprehensive about traveling with a large number of people.

deDIOS: For me personally it’s always the nevousess everywhere (yeah) what other people are doing or you know yeah so that always is tough because you can’t control what’s outside of your space.

BISMARCK MACAULEY, III: The Biden Administration continues monitoring and revising travel guidelines depending on the severity of the coronavirus.  As of now, testing is no longer required to enter the United States.

Bismarck Macauley the third, UJW Straight Up: Urban Voice


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