Straight Up: Urban Voice – Spring 2011

Hear Straight Up: Urban Voice Spring 2011
Open/Billboard                                   Nigel Peterson
Newscast                                            Amuche Nwafor
25th anniversary vignette –  The United States bombs Libya
25th anniversary vignette – Chernobyl Nuclear accident
Westboro Protest                                Amuche Nwafor
Negative Stereotypes                         Nigel Peterson
US Born                                               Cara Bernard
25th anniversary vignette – Space shuttle Challenger explodes
25th anniversary vignette – Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday first observed
Promo                                                  Nigel Peterson
25th anniversary vignette – Instant replay is first used in professional sports
25th anniversary vignette – The Rock -n-Roll Hall of Fame honors its first inductees
Shades of Beauty                                  Racquel Young
Wake & Bake                                         Lauren Johnson
Cherry Shake                                         Khaya Carter
25th anniversary vignette  – The Oprah Winfrey Show goes national
African-Am Civil War Museum              Cara Bernard
Kool Klux                                               Khaya Carter
Silver Wedding Anniversary                 Jalen Edmonds
End Credits                                            Lauren Johnson


Founded in 1975, the Washington Association of Black Journalists is an organization of Black journalists, journalism professors, public relations professionals and student journalists in the D.C., metro area. WABJ provides members with ongoing professional education opportunities and advocates for greater diversification of the profession.