Tea Party Teens

By Cara Bernard They are very proud of what they believe in, extremely politically active, involved in leadership positions throughout the Republican Party, and most importantly, they are average everyday teens. […]

A Tight Econonmy Hurts Prom Night

By Precious Williams Prom is one of those nights teens dream about.  The gorgeous dresses, handsome tuxedos,  flowers,  limos, a night on the town and dancing til dawn. Even in a good economy, […]

Cool Jobs

By Lezla Gooden Summer is almost here. Time again to take on the Herculean task of finding a short-term job. But one thing is sure for this high school junior. […]

Trans Siberian Orchestra

By Steven Christian Trans-Siberian Orchestra, named one of Billboard’s “Top 25 Touring Artists of the Decade,” had their first spring tour this year. The group usually only plays in the winter. […]

Baggy Jeans Are So Yesterday

By Kendra Teasley Jeans have been around for 137 years. But boy have they changed a lot. Who would have thought that old-school blue work jeans would evolve into so many other styles […]

D.C. School Choice

By Calvin Jackson Parents of struggling students in DC public schools are upset over Congressdecision to cut funding to the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. Determined, they turn to the bills […]