Straight Up: Urban Voice – Spring 2011

Straight Up: Urban Voice celebrates its 10th year of production at NPR and congratulates the Washington Association of Black Journalists on the 25th anniversary of its Urban Journalism Workshop. In recognition of that milestone, SUUV incorporates 25th anniversary vignettes into this year’s show. There was a lot happening in 1986. Take a listen!

Anti-Gay Church Group Targets Teens

By Amuche Nwafor
Westboro Baptist Church is best known for protesting military funerals and chanting ‘God Hates Fags.’ The Supreme Court recently sided with their First Amendment right to do so. The group also takes its hate-filled message to high schools across the country. Straight Up: Urban Voice freshman Amuche Nwafor reports on Westboro’s visit to her high school.

It’s Hard out here for a Brotha!

By Nigel Peterson
With negative stereotypes about African-American men persisting, Straight Up: Urban Voice junior Nigel Peterson challenges his peers to make a difference.

US Born: from Africa to America

By Cara Bernard
The United States is known as the melting pot with immigrants from around the world settling on its shores. That can be a challenge for the U.S. born children of these first generation immigrants as the kids become more Americanized. Straight Up: Urban Voice senior Cara Bernard shows how meshing two cultures can impact these families.

Shades of Beauty

By Racquel Young
Historically in the United States, women with darker complexions have not been recognized as the so-called standard of beauty. Straight Up: Urban Voice junior Racquel Young tells us beauty comes in many shades.

Wake & Bake!

By Lauren Johnson
Some teens are getting high before starting classes. Straight Up: Urban Voice senior Lauren Johnson totally disagrees and urges them to just say no!

Drink a Shake, Plant a Tree!

By Khaya Carter
Every year Cherry Blossoms mark the Spring season in Washington, DC. Straight Up: Urban Voice senior Khaya Carter shares that some Washington, DC Pot Belly Sandwich shops offered a menu item with an eco-friendly bonus. The item celebrates the annual Cherry Blossom tradition in the nation’s capital and helps add trees to the environment.

Fighting for their Freedom: Civil War Colored Troops

By Cara Bernard
It has been 150 years since the start of the Civil War. In July, the African-American Civil War Musuem in Washington, DC re-opens in a new and larger home. Straight Up: Urban Voice Senior Cara Bernard tells us all about and a little something about the men who inspired it.

Listen to the KKK! Say What!

By Khaya Carter
Kool Klux Klan might make you think of the KKK at first, but they’re a DC rap collective. Straight Up: Urban Voice senior Khaya Carter finds out why they chose their controversial name.