TOMS Pushes Shoes, but Markets for a Cause

When Amy Fissmer goes to her closet every morning to choose a pair of shoes, she often reaches for a plain pair of canvas slip-ons. They are worn and basic, and it is clear that Fissmer isn’t trying to make a fashion statement.

Concerts, Sign Language Still Not A Perfect Match

By Francies Stephenson UJW Staff WASHINGTON — American Sign Language (ASL) involves a series of facial expressions, body language and hand gestures as a means of communication for deaf and […]

Students Join Forces Against Cyberbullying

Student leaders at Oxon Hill High School respond to online bullying by launching a campaign, “One Less Bully, One More Friend.” “I never expected One Less to explode the way it did,” said Imani Brown, vice president of Oxon Hill’s SGA.

Not Everyone Is Sold On NBA ‘Super Teams’

By Jelani Scott UJW Staff SPRINGDALE, Md. — LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers last year could be the beginning of a trend among All-Star NBA players to […]

Teen Pregnancies on the Rise in D.C.

By Queen Hudgins UJW Staff WASHINGTON – In the next few weeks, Kimerly Murphy is expected to deliver La’Zariah, her first child. She said she’s very excited about becoming a […]

High Schools Fighting Stimulant Use

It was exam week and a friend of Catherine O’Connell’s had gone to the senior for moral support and comfort. A six-page forensics paper was due and it wasn’t going to write itself, her friend explained to her. O’Connell saw that her friend needed a quick fix and time was running out, and figured, “Why not give it to her?” The “it” was Adderall.

SADD Contract Targets Prom Drinking

By Arianna Poindexter UJW Staff WALDORF, Md. – Kareeba Gabriel has always dreamed of a fairy-tale prom.  Inside her closet awaits her one-shoulder, navy-blue dream dress.  A reservation for a […]

Awareness, Help Gaining for Autism Patients

By Josh Samson UJW Staff Chevy Chase, Md. — In this new age of social media and instant gratification, survival depends on the ability to process information quickly and efficiently. But […]