Students Weigh In on COVID-19 vaccinations

Troy Waller | sophomore – Dematha Catholic High School, Hyattsville, MD | Winter/Spring 2021 Children can start receiving vaccinations at birth and the inoculations are standard for attending public schools.  […]

Pandemic Allows Earth To Heal

Anna Robinson   Senior, Duke Ellington School of the Arts – WDC  Winter/Spring 2020 Despite of all the negative and darkness that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, there has been […]

DC Emancipation

Reporter: Damon Countee UJW Winter/Spring 2017 April 16 marked 155 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensation Emancipation Act, which granted freedom to about three thousand one hundred enslaved […]

African-American Museum Impacts All Races

Reporter: Caitlin Ballard UJW Winter/Spring 2017 In Washington, D.C., The National Museum of African-American History and Culture has been up and running for less than a year and attendance has […]